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Mill United triumph in end-to-end cup final classic

Mill United 2

Farrell, McEwan

Steins Thistle 1

  • Tuesday, 04 February 2014
  • Ochilview
  • Under 19´s
  • SYFA U19 Central Region Cup Final
On a day when vast throngs of family, friends and supporters made the pilgrimage to Ochilview, perhaps the most vocal were the U19s SYFA final between Mills United and Steins Thistle. Mills United’s progress to the final was remarkable considering that they had finished last season with a prospective U19 team of just seven players, with only the timely recruitment of friends allowing them to compete. As for Steins Thistle, the Central Region Cup would be the culmination of a notable season and would mark a treble, along with the local cup and league titles. 
In a match of extremes Steins Thistle and Mill United looked determined to make a breakthrough right from the kick off. With a vocal support both sets of players pressed relentlessly, with Mills United making the most of their chances. The final 2-1 score line does not do justice to match of rapid end to end movement.
The first 20 minutes of the match were dominated by Steins Thistle. They saw repeated shots on goal snuffed out by Mill United’s goalkeeper Ryan Tweedlie. A free kick from 30 years when just right of the mills post which signalled that Steins would find the Mills United goal one way or another. This apparent dominance was reinforced by Mills first shot on goal which was convincingly retrieved by Steins goalkeeper Callum Gray. 
  • Half Time:
  • Mill United
  • 0-0
  • Steins Thistle
The second half had the best of the action for the whole game. Steins had two chances in the first ten minutes, with one shot being blacked and the other going over the bar. 
The tension reached new heights when a frustrated challenge led to Mills United being reduced to ten men. However, Mills ironically seemed spurred on by the disadvantage and after hitting the side netting they were awarded a penalty for a late challenge, which also led to Steins Thistle being reduced to ten men. 
The subsequent, successfully despatched penalty, taken by Ryan Farrell, led to Mills taking a surprise lead which they almost immediately extended when a rebounded shot was slotted home by Chris McEwan. 
Despite the setback Steins pushed forward, and a comeback seemed on the go the horizon with a spectacular strike into the top corner from Steins striker Ryan O’Conner. 
The closing minutes were nervy for Mills United who were lucky when a Steins shot hit the crossbar. 
The final moment of play epitomised the game, as a Steins corner whizzed past several awaiting heads. The sighs of relief swiftly turned into cheers of joy for the Mills players, coaches and fans who exploded in celebration. The team’s extraordinary perseverance has led them from questioning whether they could field a side at all to cup final victory against superb and determined opposition.
  • Full Time:
  • Mill United
  • 2-1
  • Steins Thistle


Mill United
Steins Thistle
1. Ryan Tweedlie
2. Euan Gordon
3. Michael Morris
4. Andrew Clement
5. Jonay Carey
6. Scott Schoneville
7. Drew McNamara
8. Jamie Clement
9. Ryan Farrel
10. Craig Forbes
11. Stewart Slamin
14. Jay Simpson-Green
15. David Fair
16. Conor Shaw
17. Chris McEwan
18. James Atkinson
1. Callum Gray
2. Brandon Imran
5. Josh O’Conner
4. Conor Dickson
3. Thomas Slaven
10. Ryan O’Conner
14. Ryan Laidlaw
6. Kyle Allison
12. Martin Desta
8. Darren Bowie
11. Dylan Russell
17. Darrell McPhee
15. Declan Valentine
9. Ross McKinstray
7. Hunter Miller
16. Jason Walker
Star Player
Mill United
Steins Thistle
Euan Gordon. In a side which was so resolute and united, each player more than pulled his weight. But in defence Gordon was a constant presence, putting in the hard challenges and block whenever necessary. While the defence was consistently strong, Gordon put in vital challenges at several essential moments while made the difference.
Ryan O'Conner. In a match where his team seemed to have such great prospects in attack at virtually all stages of the game, O’Conner was among the most active in the Steins forward line. His goal in the game highlights his exceptional calm under intense pressure. He was also involved in numerous other chances, and stood out as a fine example of an exceptional attacking side.
Magic Moment
Mill United
Steins Thistle
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