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Jim Baxter Memorial's second half goal glut defeats Camelon Thistle

Written by  JBM 2000

Fixture: Jim Baxter Memorial 2000 vs Camelon Thistle 2000
Competition: Cumbernauled and Kilsyth District Youth League
Venue: Stirling Road
Date: 25/10/2015
Saturday saw Jim Baxter Memorial 2000 take on table toppers Camelon Thistle at Stirling Road and run out 5-1 winners after a second half filled with goals galore proceeded a goaless first 45 minutes. 
This game was always going to be a tasty affair with both teams looking for a win; Camelon to stretch their convincing league start and JBM to gain ground on the league leaders after the disappointment of last week’s defeat to Motherwell. 
The pitch was extremely heavy and as the game started it was easy to see that the pitch would cut up. Both teams were finding it hard to stay upright. 
The game was a real stuffy affair in the first 20 minutes, with neither team getting a foot hold or the upper hand. As the game continued both teams looked timid in their approach and although it was end-to-end, there were no real clear cut chances created, nor any real flow about the game. 
However, with 20 minutes on the clock, Camelon looked the more likely to score with their number 14 Adam Wilson continually running at the JBM defence and trialist Ross Meikle also giving the visitors a bit of a torrid time down their right hand side. Both Wilson and Meikle were playing extremely well and if their finishing had been better would have given Camelon the lead. 
However, apart from those couple of occasions, Adam Hughes and Rennie Hamilton never looked in any real danger and dealt with anything thrown at them with composure and some outstanding tackling. 
At the other end, JBM pushed more so on their right flank than on the left and every time they attacked that side they seemed to be winning their fair share of free kicks. However, they were unable to capitalise on these opportunities. 
Just before the end of the half there was a couple of meaty challenges that the ref seemed to let go and fair play to him. This is now big boy football and, to be honest, the challenges were hard but fair in my opinion.
HT: Jim Baxter Memorial 0 Camelon Thistle 0
The JBM coaches Rab brought the boys in at half-time and told them that, although they hadn’t played badly, they definitely had not played to their strengths. Marc replaced Reece, with Caldo pulling back into the middle to drive at the Camelon defence from deep. Andrew Mitchell replaced Scott on the left and Jack Vanderster replaced Kyle Gartshore in goal.
The second half kicked off and almost immediately JBM looked the hungrier side, playing with much more desire. However, from a disputed corner Camelon took the lead. The ball looked to have been cleared, but it broke at the back post and with the simplest of shots the Camelon forward slotted the ball home. 
From that point on, JBM pushed harder, were quicker and had more desire to win the second ball and looked to get the ball back into play as quick as possible. 
From a quick throw on the right, Caldo ran at the defence and the ball struck the defender’s hand. Without hesitation, the referee pointed to the spot. Charles stepped forward and, with complete composure, struck the ball firmly into the corner of the net – 1-1. 
JBM pushed Camelon deeper and deeper. The majority of the game was now being played in their half of the field. 
JBM soon took the lead with an absolutely blinding strike from Caldo, who gathered the ball on the right and drove towards goal as he turned on the edge of the box. As the ball left his foot it was only heading in one direction, high and out of the reach of the desperate dive of the Camelon keeper. 
The next goal was going to be vitally important in the game and watching the body language of both teams, it was only ever going to come from the team in the ascendency. JBM pushed hard for the goal and again it came from a great move. 
An exquisite pass from Man of the Match Charles McChesney, who had dominated the middle of the park in this game, released the ball through the Camelon defence. Reece Malone left Camelon’s centre half for dead, rounded the goal keeper and slotted the ball home. 
JBM made two further changes with Cameron Gray replacing Ryan Cunningham at right back and Robbie Dalziel was replaced by Jonathan Swan to hold the midfield and allow Charles and Caldo further up the park to support Reece. 
For a 10 minute period JBM kept control of the play and were again unfortunate not to increase their lead further through Dylan Mcsharry and Reece. 
With ten minutes to go, JBM made a further 3 changes. Dylan, Charles and Caldo were all replaced with Robbie, Marc and Scott taking to the field. 
As soon as these introductions were made the visitors went for the jugular and scored a further two goals, with both Marc and Scott netting their first goals for the club. 
The game was finished as competitive affair. With the second half performance JBM stamped their authority on the match and make clear their intentions for the rest of the season.
FT: Jim Baxter Memorial 5 Camelon Thistle 1
All in all, a very good game today for JBM, with Charles McChesney stepping up and dominating the middle of the pitch. As a team, they had to be extremely patient and wait for their chances to come. Every player was told to continue to do the correct things and that their chances would come, which they did in abundance. The victors showed great composure and patience today when it would have been very easy to become frustrated, a great compliment to all 16 JBM players who featured in this outstanding game of football.
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