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Mossend FC link up with Well Foundation

Written by  Mossend FC
Mossend FC in partnership with Well Foundation aim to raise money to build wells, install hand pumps and establish health and sanitation programs to provide accessible clean water to this stricken region of the world.
As advised in June regarding the construction of two wells that Mossend FC raised money for, Mossend FC are delighted to update that these wells have been built and are currently in use by villages in this badly hit region of Pakistan.
With interaction with the Well Foundation, Mossend FC undertook a series of fundraising events to raise money with the sole aim of providing clean, safe drinking water. This has now happened and the club will continue to work closely with the Well foundation to continue to support new and existing initiatives and projects.
Russell Sanderson, Club Publicity & Development Secretary at Mossend FC said:
“Mossend FC know that there are countries in the world that are living in abject poverty with no access to fresh, clean water. When we spoke to the Well Foundation we wanted to try and do what we could to help, when we set out our aim to build a well and have it named after Mossend FC the boys from all our 10 age groups were excited to get involved".
This is brilliant and a huge opportunity and incentive for all at our club to get involved with something that is so vividly worthwhile – the pictures back this up. Look at the faces of the people and then tell me how you could not want be involved
The club see this as another long term initiative with the Well Foundation and the club is proud that there will be wells in Pakistan named after Mossend FC, we at Mossend FC look forward to continuous joint working with the Well Foundation”
The Well Foundation - was founded in July 2008, our charity number SC040105 was registered in January 2009.
Well Foundation Mission Statement:
Why Water?
- The founding members of the charity researched and consulted other charity organisations as to what we could help provide to those in need. The result was the formation of the 'the Well Foundation', whose primary objective is the provision of clean safe drinking water to those people in developing countries around the globe.
- For those of us living in the developed world we take for granted one of lives most basic yet valuable commodities clean safe drinking water. We drink, cook, clean and bathe with it. Yet over a billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water. The lack of clean water has a detrimental impact on the daily life of almost 1 in 6 of us in the world. Lack of clean water immensely affects people’s health and quality of life.
- Polluted water is the world's largest killer of children under five. The Well Foundation will primarily aim to raise money to develop sources of clean water (wells), install hand pumps, establish health and sanitation programme's to provide accessible clean water to the less fortunate regions of the world.
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