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East Stirlingshire Youth's video following damage to their pitch

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A club statement from East Stirling FC Youths reads as follows:
"In the summer of last year East Stirlingshire FC Youths took over the lease on Glensburgh park in Grangemouth. The pitch had knee high grass and the changing rooms were filthy.
Over the months the players, their parents and the coaches spent as much free time as possible in turning the dressing rooms into somewhere the lads could be proud of and we stripped the pitch down to a level field so we could embark on the next stage of this dream project.
As well as the time the club spent a huge amount of money both from the club account and from their own pockets.
Last Thursday a project commenced to remove a phone mast without our club being notified of this and from what we are aware the parks department weren't either. They built a temporary road made of metal sheets so their diggers and trucks could complete the work which as you can see from these photos has destroyed one side of our pitch. As far as we are aware other routes to this were considered but it was recommended using our pitch.
We are utterly appalled and horrified by the decision and the mess it's left behind without a care for us or our project, please highlight this in as many ways as possible as we take on this fight!"
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